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iOS Simulator vs. Real Device

As a hobby iOS developer, my primary iPhone is also my test device. Right now my phone is a iPhone 5, so I make sure to do alot of testing in Xcode/iOS simulator to check layout, functions, etc. of the app on iPhone4(S). But alas! Last week I submitted an update for an app that were to enter a competition. The update got approved for the App Store, the night before deadline. Phew! Just in time – I thought.

It turned out that one of my views that looked just fine on the iPhone 4 (In the simulator mind you), wasn’t looking the same on a actual iPhone 4!

This just goes to proves that the iOS Simualtor in fact is a SIMULATOR. So an advice, developer-to-developer, is to not solely rely on the Simulator when building iOS apps. Now I must return to coding, so my apps can make me a fortune, so that I’ll be able to buy a handful of phones for development!