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Using iOS 6.1 SDK With XCode 5

When you upgrade Xcode to new newest version, it removes all other SDK’s than 7.0.

If you are in a situation where your iPhone or iPad app still have to support an iOS version below 7.0, or have a difficulty changing the app to adapt to iOS 7.0 new status bar handling, you don’t have to miss out on the new features and goodness in Xcode 5.

The thing you need is the “old” iOS 6.1 SDK. If you still have Xcode 4.6 on your machine you can find the SDK within Simply right click the and select ‘Show Contents’. Inside the package, you can find the SDK at the follwing path:


Take a copy of the iPhoneOS6.1.sdk folder. If you don’t have XCode 4.6 it can be downloaded form this URL @ Apple: (requires Apple Developer membership).

After you have installed XCode 5, simply place the iOS 6.1 SDK folder at the same path as above in the new package. Then restart XCode. When XCode is back up and running, open the Organizer and select the ‘Downloads’ tab. Make sure that you have the iOS 6.1 Simulator installed. Now you can select iOS 6.1 as base SDK for your app, and when you run it in the iOS 6.1 Simulator the status bar will behave as in pre iOS 7 versions.